Arrest Ang Charges Explained: James Freeman Police Confrontation Video On Twitter and

Arrest Ang Charges Explained

YouTube channel is a social media platform for various trends, and now the policemen are now the target several times for confronting law enforcement officers across the country, filming the encounters, and uploading them to YouTube.

James Freeman is known to be the one running the youtube channel, who describes himself doing first amendment audits, cop watching, cop blocking, and more. According to him, Legal Shield is trash.

One of his most famous videos on confronting police officers has received numerous mixed reactions on the Internet. Read further to find out.

Who Is James Freeman? Police Confrontation Video Has A Mixed Reaction On Twitter

James Freeman, the infamous YouTuber, declares he is attempting to show people the truth regarding the police and their system. In his opinion, the system is not broken; it works exactly as it was intended.

James states, “My documentations over the years show beyond a reasonable doubt, that the people who make and enforce the rules do not obey those rules themselves, or hold other members of the ruling class accountable to those rules.

My hope is to show people that no matter how many votes, complaints, lawsuits, or anything else within their system, their system doesn’t actually change at all, because it’s perfect for the rulers. My goal is not to show you that their system is illegitimate, my goal is to let THEM show you.”

The Bowie Police Department has become the target of Freeman as on October 31, shortly after midnight, he was noted videotaping around the police station and city offices on Lindsay Street.

The time was 12:24 a.m, and the video shows Freeman walking up to the city office’s front door, which was locked, and then walking into the PD’s front door, which was also locked. While this is not the only video he has filmed regarding cops, there are plenty of them posted on his YouTube channel.

Was James Freeman Arrested? Teased And Used Slangs On Police Officer

James Freeman is a cop watcher who records and posts videos of police officers. He agrees with the ordinance but is too vague in terms of how officers can enforce it.

Freeman has teased and used slang on police officers. One of his most famous videos is him confronting a police officer. James was tired of cops asking him the “same silly questions,” so he decided to get his own back. But unfortunately, it did not go over well.

In the video, James speaks with Detective Mike Jardene from the Camp Verde Marshall’s Office. The video is also posted on Freeman’s Youtube channel where we can hear Jardene asking Freeman, “What’s this about?” after spotting him filming in what appears to be an apartment complex’s parking lot.

Afterward, the cop approaches him and asks him what he’s doing there and why he’s recording him and his partner. The guy used dispatcher to radio officers.

This video quickly swarmed all over the Internet and people are both enjoying and condemning the way James messes with cops for his YouTube channel.

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