Antonella Nester Hired By JTV After QVC Fired Her

According to the most recent information, JTV has hired former QVC host Antonella Nester. Everything you need to know about her profession and career is provided here. See more by scrolling down.

Former QVC host Antonella Nester has lost her position. Then she received a cancer diagnosis. Then her spouse had a heart attack. Her viewers have been moved by her amazing story of survival.

The challenges Antonella faced in her life touched her audience. She was given a breast cancer diagnosis, and now she is going through four rounds of chemotherapy. Radiation treatments are then given, according to the findings.

The couple had to sell their home and move onto their 42-foot sailboat in order to make ends meet. Finally, her husband suffered a heart attack.

Antonella Nester

Antonella Nester

Did JTV Hire Antonella Nester After QVC Fired Her?

According to the most recent rumors, after Kristen Keech left the network, JTV hired Antonella Nester to serve as a host. Keech announced her resignation by posting a moving letter on her social media.

She received a cancer diagnosis, lost her job as a QVC host, and her husband lost his job. The couple was forced to sell their home as a result, and they now live on a board.

It’s inconceivable to consider how such an exceptional life and career could have been destroyed by so many personal tragedies in such a short period of time as Nester checks off the list.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma was shown to be present in Nester. Doctors found another lump in her breast after removing one from her arm. She is currently facing yet another significant obstacle in her fight against breast cancer.

How Much Does Antonella Nester Earn? Her Salary Details

The annual pay for a host at JTV, according to, is between $51K and $49K. However, since the business hasn’t disclosed the precise figure, this figure is only an estimate.

The host’s annual salary for QVC TV is between $21.5K and $32K, according to the website. After being told she had cancer and that she also didn’t have a job, she struggled greatly with money.

In addition to documenting her battle with cancer on YouTube, liveaboard sailor Nester has made her experiences public. Maryland is where the ship is now moored.

The couple, their grown son, and their cats Samba and Wizard all reside on the ship. When the summer’s heat is over, they plan to cruise the East Coast before heading south.

Her interests still include collecting and trading vintage Singer sewing machines. She aims to make yacht draperies.

Antonella Nester Had A GoFundme page

For the purpose of aiding Antonella Nester and her husband, Jayne Hansen established a GoFundMe campaign. The page has collected $150,602 to help the TV host with the treatment.

With her cheery, bright grin, Nester, who graced our televisions for two years, always made you feel good. Her viewers knew there would be chuckles on her show.

On January 11, 2021, Nester posted on Facebook that the biopsy result was negative. She further stated that the tumor was cancerous.

In a YouTube video, she provided more specific information regarding lymphoma. The medical professionals caring for Nester left her feeling unsatisfied.

She has been posting updates about her journey on her Facebook page and on YouTube. Given her struggles, many may find her beauty and optimism unbelievable, but she asserts in an interview that it’s the only way to move forward.

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