Anthony Quayle, a golfer from Australia, who? Learn more about his history and biography.

Anthony Quayle, a golfer from Australia, who? Learn more about his history and biography.

Golfer Anthony Quayle

Golfer Anthony Quayle

Australian professional golfer Anthony Quayle was born on August 25, 1994, to his adored parents in Nhulunbuy, Australia.

The golfer that competes on the PGA Tour of Australia and the Japan Golf Tour is managed by Searoo Sports, a prestigious sports agency. Quayle is further receiving help from Callaway Golf and Callaway Apparel.

What Is the Age of Golfer Anthony Quayle?

According to Eurosport, Quayle, a 27-year-old golfer, was born in Nhulunbuy in 1994, and on August 25 of each year, he raises a glass in honour of the occasion.

In addition, Virgo, the sixth sign of the zodiac represented by the maiden, is his astrological sign. The athlete also attended Hills International College and began playing golf at the young age of seven.

However, because Anthony hasn’t given the public many details about his personal life, there isn’t enough material online regarding his upbringing and background. Furthermore, not many trustworthy and recognized sources have written about his biography as of yet.

Quayle, Anthony in Wikipedia: Golfer on the PGA Tour

Anthony is a 6-foot-4-inch Australian professional golfer who weighs 82 kilograms and has a listed height of 193 centimeters.

The golfer began competing professionally on January 1st, 2017, and is now a member of both the PGA Tour of Australia and the Japan Golf Tour.

The golfer’s Lowest 18-Hole Score, according to his statistics on the Japan Golf Tour website, is 61, which he attained during the match he played for The Crowns 2022.

Anthony Quayle’s Career Earnings And Net Worth

According to the Japan Golf Tour, Quayle has earned $598,735 (or 83,307,473) during the course of his career, but he hasn’t disclosed any information about his assets or provided a sneak glimpse at his cash flow.

Nevertheless, given that he is an Australian professional golfer who competes in the Japan Golf Tour and the PGA Tour of Australia, we assume his net worth to be at least $5 million.

Additionally, based on his social networking profiles, Anthony seems to be leading a respectable life. He loves to play golf and is content with his career as an athlete.

Meet the Parents of Anthony Quayle Using Instagram

Anthony has posted a photo of his parents on social media platforms, but he hasn’t credited them, so we don’t know their identities or whether they use Instagram.

Although it is unclear what papa and mama Quayle do for a job, based on their image, they seem to be a fun-loving and supportive couple. His parents appear to be his strongest supporters and cheerleaders.

In addition, the golfer also seems to have a brother, whose name is unknown. The athlete is active on Instagram as @anthonyquayle and we can only hope that he will share more about his loved ones in the days to come.

Is Anthony Quayle Dating Anyone?

Sophia Cragnolini is a beautiful girl who Quayle has been dating for nine years. The adorable couple started dating in 2013, and they appear to mark their anniversary of being together on June 16 each year.

According to her Instagram bio, Cragnolini is a model who is half Italian and half Chinese. She goes by the moniker @sophia.cragnolini and has amassed 6.6k followers with 401 stunning photos. She is also a student of acupuncture.

Anthony and Sophia also spend a lot of time travelling and creating memories together. The golfer updates his fans on his lifestyle outside of his profession by sharing those priceless moments with them on social networking

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