Anamika All Episode MX Player Review Total OTT Views Star Cast Real Names

The Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has surprised her fans with a new web series. The latest Hindi series has been released on the streaming platform MX Player. Yes, we are talking about Anamika Season 1 whose episode 1 just got premiered on the said platform. Apart from Sunny, the series features Ayaz Khan and other talented actors in pivotal roles, As it is the first attempt of the actress in the thriller genre, fans were quite excited about it. Well, the first episode is released now. Check its review and the release date of episode 2 here.

Anamika All Episode MX Player Review Total OTT Views Star Cast Real Names

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, the series starts with the story of Anamika, played by Sunny Leone. The actress is shown as an amnesic girl who is caught between her present and the past. She has been living with Dr. Prashant, her boyfriend. Everything goes normal until Sunny comes face to face with her past. Her instincts take her where her mind could not.

Later, it is shown that Sunny reappears in front of her old acquaintances and enemies after considering dead after a tragic accident. The said enemies are seen trying to hunt her down. You might be curious to know why Sunny aka the lead character is hunted down by her enemies. Well, Sunny happens to have some crucial information about government agencies that she is trying to make sure that it does not get revealed in front of the public. Will Sunny outwit her enemies or will they track her down?

Well, this becomes the plot for this action thriller series. To add, the web series consists of 8 episodes having a runtime of 25-30 minutes where the director does not waste any time to start the story right away from its main point. Talking precisely about Anamika Episode 1, it makes the viewers feel dissociated with the journeys of the characters. As the series keeps going back and forth, Vikram Bhatt fails to build a connection between the pairs. For instance, Anamika and Dr. Prashant seem to have no chemistry on screen.

However, the fresh pairing has attempted to come clean on the viewers’ expectations. Even though the first episode did not create that magic upon the fans, it is expected that it will get interesting in upcoming episodes as characters like Rahul Dev, Samir Soni, and Sonnalli Seygall will be introduced. The web series is currently streaming on MX Player. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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