Alchemy Of Souls Episode 9 And 10 Release Date And Time, Spoilers, Recap, Eng Sub, Where To Watch Ep Online

Episode 9 and 10 of the popular ongoing South Korean television series Alchemy Of Souls will air soon, know more about the release date, spoilers, and streaming details of the episode here

In the last episode, we have seen Kil-Joo invoke his powers, causing everything to melt all around him and soar upwards. Jang-Uk looks to be eager to do the same until Mu-Deok seizes his hand and takes him away. Jang-Uk awakens to find himself on the ground, with no blue mark on his heart. His soul has remained unchanged in the incident. If you are following the Alchemy Of Souls, then you must be excited for episode 10. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming episode of this South Korean fantasy series.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 9 And 10 Release Date And Time, Spoilers, Recap, Eng Sub And Where To Watch Ep Online


Mu-Deok shakes Kil-Joo furiously because she believes Jang-Uk is still inside of him. She focuses carefully on Jang-soul Uk’s eyes and sees that they haven’t shifted. But there is a variation. The Soul Ejector has contributed to the growth of his power. So he no longer requires the bracelet to limit his energies. When Kil-skin Joo starts to lose his strength, he tells Mu-Deok about her dad. Cho-Chung, was also a soul shifter right before he dies suddenly. He went insane and killed everyone before, he murdered his family.

Alchemy Of Souls Episode 10 Release Date And Time

The release date of the popular South Korean series Alchemy Of Soul Episode 10 is July 17, 2022. You can watch this episode at 9.10 pm according to Korean Standard Time on tvN. International fans can stream episode 10 of the stream on Netflix this Sunday. 

Alchemy of Souls will release on Saturday 16th July at approximately 3pm (GMT) and the subtitle team over at Netflix are incredibly quick so expect English subs to be available immediately.

Spoilers For Episode 10

Episode 10 of the ongoing South Korean television show Alchemy of Souls is definitely going to be very thrilling and interesting. Fans will get to see the love triangle between Mu Deok, Jang Uk, and Seo Yool. It will be clear that Mu Deok has deeper feelings for Jang Uk than she has for Seo Yool in the coming episodes. Jang Uk will become the mage of the Jeongjingak. They will have a welcome ceremony to celebrate the entry of Jang Uk. We will also get to see that Mu Deok will give the exams and come to Songrim. Both, Mu Deok and Jang Uk will unite with each other in episode 10 of the series.

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