Actress Urfi Javed: adorned her body with flowers.

Actress Urfi Javed adorned her body with flowers.

Urfi Javed, a social media star, has set new norms for the fashion business. When everyone saw what Urfi done this time, they were all in shock. Social media users are surprised by Urfi Javed’s impeccable style after learning about it. There is no clothing on Urfi’s body at this point, just flowers. Unclothed Urfi Javed Urfi Javed’s post on social media with this particular look caught everyone off guard. While she was filming, Urfi Javed’s model had flowers stuck to her topless body.


Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed Flower’s unclothed appearance

When you closely examine the film that has leaked, you can see that the actress is sporting bare-colored shorts that match her skin tone. Urfi Javed is moreover absolutely nak*ed.

Hiding colorful flowers

Urfi Javed completed her outfit with a bouquet of vibrant flowers. The actress also cut off a long braid of hair to pull it back into a ponytail. Urfi’s facial reactions are on display in the video, despite the fact that her body is not observed moving.

Those who create fashion trends

See Urfi Javed’s sense of style by reading the comments. Her favorite flower, the lily of the valley, according to several users, who have described her as a fashion innovator.

Shirt buttons are open

Earlier, Urfi Javed posted a video to social media. In this video, Urfi is solely visible in front of the camera while sporting a white shirt. The fact that Urfi had left the front button undone makes this white shirt special. where her cleavage was easily visible. To make herself look fashionable, Urfi wore a big choker-style necklace around her neck. In addition to this, a hair bun was also created. “No pain, no gain,” read the video’s caption. In her remark on this Urfi video, Rakhi Sawant included a fire emoji.

Having fashion in mind

Urfi Javed has ascended to a considerable position in the fashion industry in a remarkably short amount of time. Urfi always does something unusual for her followers whenever she performs for them, whether for photo shoots or spotted looks, making her the talk of the town.

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