520Miguel__ Twitter Video? Who Is Michael Mendieta? Trending on Twitter & Reddit

A user going by the name 520miguel has been trending on the internet. Have you also come across the aforementioned user and have been trying to search for them? Well, let us tell you that the said user has become a hot topic of discussion ever since they shared a video on Twitter. The video shows Micheal Mendieta beating up a girl. Ever since the clip went viral online, netizens have been talking about it constantly. Both the personalities have come to the limelight as everyone is searching for their information and the details of the video too.

520Miguel__ Twitter Video? Who Is Michael Mendieta? Trending on Twitter & Reddit

520miguel Twitter page was formed in March 2022. It is obvious that the account is just created some days ago and within some days, it has managed to grab the attention of the netizens. Let us tell you that ever since Mendieta’s video clip was shared on the platform, the account is getting a huge engagement on Twitter. Several people are expressing their curiosity to watch the video. So far, 520miguel has posted four tweets. Despite being a new account and having a few tweets, 520miguel has become a hot topic on the internet.

As of now, 520miguel has gained only 29 followers. However, the engagement on his posts tells a different story. Even though the videos and photos shared by the user on Twitter are going viral, not much information about the same is available yet. Some sources claim that 520miguel only shares NSFW (not safe for work) posts. It contains inappropriate content that keeps the visitors on his account hooked to it. Right now, we do not seem to have many details about the viral videos. Our team is trying to fetch information about it and will be at the forefront to update you.

Talking about Michael Mendieta, he is an activist on Twitter and Facebook. Besides, he is quite popular on social media too. The video shared by the above-mentioned user shows Micheal beating up a girl. Even though it is being claimed by everyone, we can not confirm if the video clip contains such a thing. Apart from the information that Michael is popular on social media and has a good fan following, we do not have many details about him. We are trying to get the updated information of the viral duo. Stay tuned to this space and get more details. Follow our site to check the latest news and trends.

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